Shazam for your computer. Download and install Shazam on your PC

Finally, the application appeared for OS Windows. Though earlier it was possible to use only on portable devices android and iPhone. Of course, you were waiting for him and that we all see on the Internet in a free form. Thanks to the developers for their efforts. 


Many listen to music on the radio, or just on the internet online. And then you come across a song that you like very much, but the name did not learn fate. But the program Shazam for PC comes to you for help. Simply turn the microphone part of the track record and a couple of seconds the utility finds the song title automatically. 


You can create your own play list, as well as find any video and add to favorites. Do not forget that their music and videos can be shared with your friends via social networks. 


Шазам for PC received more funding this quality and popularity of the program is just incredible. Treat yourself to your favorite songs.

Download and install the program on your PC

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